Saturday, July 26, 2008

What's the deal with Mesothelioma lawsuits?

How much money could class action lawsuit lawyers make from a mesothelioma lawsuit case? What's the lawsuit against, the asbestos manufacturers or the health insurance agencies themselves? What kind of health insurance policy wouldn't cover any kind of cancer?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Kevin gets served by the lunch lady

Cafeteria food is notoriously bad no matter where you are but for some reason, hospital food takes the disappointment to another level. During school, we are often forced to choose the least of many evils, which ends up being the chicken sandwich. However, a man can only consume so many chicken sandwiches before he is driven to madness. In an effort to avoid such embarassment, I try to alternate my nutritional choices while eating either.

Today, when the clock struck noon, I felt the rumble in my stomach indicating that a morning's worth of life saving has taken its toll. I prompty dropped what I was doing and went to down to the cafeteria to stuff my body with the necessary nutrients to saves even more lives, perhaps a child or two. I chose the chicken sandwich just yesterday so that option was out, instead I opted for the meatloaf. Everybody knows that any kind of loaf, whether that be bread or meat, comes out of the oven with a slightly tapered shape that's narrower at the ends. When I arrived at the head of the line, they were already at the middle of one of the loaves. Thinking I've lucked out with a huge piece, I asked for 1 serving. The lunch lady silently sized me up and down, took a look at the half loaf in front of her then proceed to swiftly cut a tiny slice from the uncut end. What. The. Fuck. At this point a flurry of emotions washed over me. But as I stared into the post-menopausal, estrogen-deficient, eyes of the ambiguous Asian country lunch lady, I knew this fight was not worth picking. Taking in a big sigh, I grabbed my plate and walked away in tiny-meatloaf-shame.

You win this one ambiguous Asian country lunchlady, you win this one.