Saturday, February 28, 2009

Julia knows exactly the kind of doctor she will become

"Sorry, can't educate you about this Fragile X Syndrome your baby boy has, but I CAN talk to you about German health care reforms from 2003-2007."

Ladies and gentlemen, since you were aghast at the long silence on this blog, let me tell you what has been keeping our two class-clowns from their ranting: our med school’s obligatory course on health care structure, policy, and reform*.

Yes, this is a good idea at its core… after all, if we didn’t know anything about the organizations that will be paying us some day that would be pretty lame. However, this class is decidedly a scheduling bully—perhaps a little insecure about itself, and therefore going to make your life miserable to puff up it’s own sense of self-importance. Weekly quizzes requiring recall of minute details from the readings and lecture slides? Awesome. In-class “debate” group presentations, where the professor may-or-may-not call you a liar? Hmm… alright, I guess... Arbitrarily restrictive, two-page, double-spaced paper proposing 1-3 major health care reforms, while giving background and then providing objections to it? Ugh, just leave me alone already!

This class single-handedly managed to eat up more time weekly than musculoskeletal, genetics, and hematology combined!

So, while that pain in your shoulder causing you to be unable to raise your arm to shoulder-level may be very concerning… Can I interest you in a discussion on the pros-and-cons of a physician’s duty to follow public health mandates during a disaster?


Jesse said...

Not to mention the ridiculously high-variance grading which has probably cost at least two of us an H in the course by 1 point, regardless of D's prior rant...

I claim partial credit for the pie-chart idea.

Anonymous said...

Maybe its time for some med school reform.