Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kevin is incensed at David's blatant consumption of Nicholas Cage Haterade

So David and I were chatting about movies yesterday when the subject of Nicholas Cage came up. Throughout the course of the conversation it became clear that while David has yet to obtain his MD, he has long since obtained his PhD. I know Nicholas Cage is not the easiest actor to defend but I felt the need to step in to prevent David from OD'ing on Haterade. Allow me to make a few points in support of our friend Nicky-G.

1) He's a good actor
Yes, he's put out a lot of stinkers (more about that later) but he has also put out a lot of quality films. Let me just list off some awesome movies he's been in:
  1. Leaving Las Vegas
  2. The Family Man
  3. Adaptation
  4. Matchstick Men
  5. Lord of War
  6. The Weather Man
These are all quality films that span quite a few genres. His acting was bananas in Adaptation. Lets not forget that he actually won a god damn Oscar for Leaving Las Vegas. DIf you haven't seen any of these movies, I suggest you stop being like Jesse and go rent them now.

2) He makes a shit load of money for himself
Despite having been in several really solid movies, I admit he's had his share of clunkers. But I would argue that he knew these were crappy movies going in and is only in it for the money. And how can you fault a brother for just wanting some cheddar. He loves classic cars and castles, and last time I checked, neither were on the Wendy's 99c menu. A lot of people do things "just for the money," especially David and this whole "medicine" thing. All I'm sayin' is, if plastic surgeons are allowed to fill their pockets w/ boob job money, Nicholas Cage shouldn't be hassled for cashing in his $20 mil. for National Treasure. Plus, even his crappy movies are reasonably entertaining if you just want some mindless action. The Rock and Face/Off are action movies staples that every man should have seen twice if not three times. Simply put, he's stared in some kick ass movies.

3) He makes a shit load of money for the studios
From my research, he's starred in 48 movies, 7 of which have gone on to make over $100 million dollars. Furthermore, the average gross of his last 10 movies was $74 mil, which actually beats out the likes of John Travolta, Pierce Brosnan, Bruce Willis, Denzel Washington, all of whom had similar per movie salaries.

Overall, I'm not saying Nicholas Cage is at the acting caliber of Russell Crowe or Edward Norton nor is he as bankable as Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise but he's not as awful as people make him out to be. He takes good 'actor-y' roles when he wants and then makes $100 mil. in between those to fund his little hobbies. Just let the man enjoy his money.


Jesse said...

I'm offended by the implication that The Rock was not a genuinely amazing movie.

NickCageFanClub1 said...

Some video evidence of Nick Cage's greatness:

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