Monday, February 15, 2010

David and Kevin become internet hundredaires

When Kevin and I first started this blog, we wanted to provoke meaningful thought and discussion about medical education and chronicle the early steps towards physician-hood from the basic sciences to graduation and everything along the baby-saving, Jess-antagonizing, sleep-not-having way. All this, of course, only if the blog failed in its primary purpose of making us wealthy internet blogopreneurs who could quit med school and live a life of leisure for rest of our days.  

Well, friends, that day has finally arrived. Buoyed by a 100% legitimate string of ad-clicks, Kevin and I have reached the rarified status of making $100 in advertising revenue over the course of only two years. Averaged over all of the time spent writing and brainstorming, we’re in the oft-discussed yet rarely realized realm of multiple cents per-hour earnings. 


While we contemplate which Cayman isle to retire to now that this gravy train is going full-bore, we're planning a celebration in the interim, funded entirely by this massive windfall. Expect a spread truly befitting our recent successes; every attendee will get at least 1-2 pretzels, maybe more.

See you there!


What?: IDDx Earnings Extravaganza

When?: Saturday, March 27th, 8PM - ???!?!?

Where?: TBD

Who?: Kevin, David, Julia, you, maybe Jess

                                                           Kevin is Fat Joe...



Doctor D said...

I click an ad in your honor! Another $.01 to add to your bling!

Yeah, you should definitely add blogging as volunteer work on your CV.

I recently calculated based on my hourly earnings and the insanely long time I spend on blogging how much potential income I have lost on my blog: $10,000. Shit!

The only medblogger that looks to be making any money is the other Kevin.

Perhaps we should put out tip jars instead of ads. "Help poor medbloggers pay off student loans!"

K said...

What other-Kevin earns in ad revenue he loses as little bits of his soul by putting up all those ghastly ads.

Anonymous said...

I promise I will click all of your ads (I did not realize that was how the income was made) if you will just keep blogging! You probably would make quite the income if you turned some of your cartoons into teeshirts or mugs at cafe press or something...just an idea..would make for excellent gifts

the OR nurse

queenofoptimism said...


But there may be a more efficient way. I'm a real sucker for people in need, especially students. Tell me your story and I'll send you a check. No ads needed.

Anonymous said...

I would so buy a teeshirt with the anesthesia comic on it.

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