Thursday, May 1, 2008

Introducing: Indifferential Diagnosis


To the millions of loyal readers out there, we just wanted to give a quick heads-up that we decided to change the name of the site to Indifferential Diagnosis. We wanted to go with a more medically relevant name, but don't worry, everything else will continue as is. Same great taste with only half the calories.

The new website is, and going to the old site will just auto-link you here.

We managed to move all the old posts over so all the amazing content is still intact.  Unfortunately, the switch-over to the new site means we lost all of the comments on the older posts, so feel free to make it rain in that department.

Well, see you later!

Kevin and David


Julia said...

And how nice that Kevin and David have EACH resolved to post on here daily! (They might not know that they have yet, but really... anything else would be sadly neglectful of their fan base...)

D said...

Hm, I don't think anyone needs that much rabbling.

the "other" roommate said...

well you all know how i feel about the name change..but i do like the new logo/color scheme

liang said...

dude, stop changing your blog every 2 months. some of us are lazy.

by the way, clicking links makes this website blow up.